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Prom Peru

Wings of Peru

The national tourism office of Peru wanted to increase awareness this South American region as a bird watching destination with over 1,700 species of bird. A tactical digital campaign competition was created with a gaming element, designed to engage and encourage participation as well as raise general awareness of Peru.

Role: Product Platform Design, Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction

Interactive game experience

The game concept featured a twist on the idea of bird-spotting by challenging the user to spot as many of the varied species as possible within a 45 second time limit within iconic locations in Peru, highlighting the many incredible bird species in this unique part of the world.

A campaign that really took flight

Engagement and competition entry was consistently high. In the 30 days of campaign activity, the following was achieved:

  • Over 15 million impressions
  • 31,722 email addresses acquired
  • Over 50,000 online sessions
  • Over 74,000 page views
  • Game engagement time was consistently over 2 mins 30

Commercial partners involved in the project included LATAM Airlines, ExOfficio and Inkaterra, plus an NGO partner, The Nature Conservancy, all who provided promotion through their own digital channels.

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