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I have a curious and methodical approach, perpetually intrigued and driven by the brand experiences that technology can offer. I am a keen collaborator that understands the power of connecting the conceptual with technology and data.

I have proven track record which spans 20+ years of international experience.

User-centric, process driven

With a background in design, shaped by brand, and distilled in technology and product, my unique perspective and approach has ensured I’ve delivered compelling experiences for brands and businesses while placing the user at the centre of all considerations.

Who I've worked with


Rodo Inc
First Light Organics
Ballup Australia
QIC Strategy
Shapiro Litigation Group
More to Jamaica


The United Nations
Lexus Australia
Coca Cola
Park Hyatt
Prom Peru
USA Wrestling
UK Sport
Commonwealth Bank


"Roddy is a dynamic thinker who works with the precision of a surgeon. He excels at both the conceptual and executional levels. He thinks big, and sweats the small stuff. His relaxed personality makes him a natural leader, and a pleasant colleague to be around."
Hank Stewart
Senior Marketing Communications Strategist
"A terrific partner for many of the digital products I've managed. I know anytime I reach out to Roddy he will be extremely professional and honest. He has incredible insight into UI/UX and whenever he questions something that we feel is necessary for a project, I always listen to his response because he is usually right if we need to make a change. He is beyond fast in creating engaging experiences and is one of my go-to partners."
Cynthia Lyons
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
"Roddy is a very talented creative and a joy to work with. He truly has the ability to think outside of the box and always brings a fresh spin on things to the table. A great team-player who works seamlessly across all agency areas and just gets the job done even when the pressure is on. I can highly recommend Roddy as a great asset to any digital team and a lot of fun to work with."
Tsumi Smith
Head of Multichannel

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