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I am a multidisciplinary creative director with a career that has spanned more than 15 years. During this time, I have provided creative and strategic leadership across all aspects of the creative, product, development, and design process.
I am a keen collaborator that understands the power of connecting the conceptual with technology and data. This ensures that I continue to deliver compelling solutions for brands and businesses.

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Currently based in Brooklyn, New York.


Talk: +1 917 615 7910.
Email: sayhello@roddylang.com.


"Roddy is a dynamic thinker who works with the precision of a surgeon. He excels at both the conceptual and executional levels. He thinks big, and sweats the small stuff. His relaxed personality makes him a natural leader, and a pleasant colleague to be around."
Hank Stewart
Senior Marketing Communications Strategist
"A terrific partner for many of the digital products I've managed. I know anytime I reach out to Roddy he will be extremely professional and honest. He has incredible insight into UI/UX and whenever he questions something that we feel is necessary for a project, I always listen to his response because he is usually right if we need to make a change. He is beyond fast in creating engaging experiences and is one of my go-to partners."
Cynthia Lyons
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
"Roddy is a very talented creative and a joy to work with. He truly has the ability to think outside of the box and always brings a fresh spin on things to the table. A great team-player who works seamlessly across all agency areas and just gets the job done even when the pressure is on. I can highly recommend Roddy as a great asset to any digital team and a lot of fun to work with."
Tsumi Smith
Head of Multichannel

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